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Metal Horse Barns

Are Metal Horse Barns Good For a Shelter?

Metal Buildings ,may be the perfect solution to your housing and storage needs for a riding arena or horse barn. For a very long time, metal buildings have been among the first choice for agricultural uses. Farmers have turned to steel structures to shelter their animals and store grain and farm equiptment. There are many good reasons for the use of metal buildings in the agricultural world. They are sensible, practical and flexible, as well as being easy to put up or tear down.

When it comes to horses, metal buildings offer a number of possibilities. In fact metal riding arenas are among the most popular new commercial agricultural buildings. Metal buildings are safer than wood, fireproof, and less prone to rot and decay. They’re are very”green” , being both enviromentally friendly and recyclable. They offer many other advantages both financial and practical. You can save up to 50% on construction costs of a building when you choose prefab. Up and ready for use in a weekend or two.

Metal buildings are energy efficient and resistant to bad weather conditions. The architects who design your metal structure will be conversant with the requirements to make your riding arena as weatherproof as possible. Because metal buildings are resistant to fire and most types of rot and inset infestation, you can save up to 40% on insurance costs for the building itself.

Metal buildings are an easy way to expand when you want to add more space. If you are looking to replace older buildings on your farm or starting up a new enterprise, metal is the way to go!!! Call Debaise Construction Co. Inc. today 203-284-1603

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