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Drainage & Mechanical

Residential –


DeBaise Construction is committed to maintaining durable and proven results for drainage in all applications. Although residential applications of trench drains are not typically vulnerable to the steep hauls and extreme conditions as industrial drains, DeBaise Construction guarantees only the same devotion to high-quality.  Applications include: Apartments, Driveways, Garages, Patios, Swimming Pools, Walkways, and Tennis Courts.

Industrial –


When drainage solutions are needed in an industrial environment, turn to DeBaise Construction to provide the the most dependable trench drains. Our drain systems are tested to meet international regulations for loading, chemical resistance and UV exposure. Applications include: Factories, Chemical Plants, Food Processing, Forklift Areas, Loading Docks, Refineries, Fracking Plants, and Pumping Stations.

Commercial –


With the most versatile systems in the drainage industry, DeBaise Construction has products available to meet every commercial need. Whether it is decorative grating for a store front, high temperature channels for wineries, or edging for running tracks, our products are known for their strength and adaptability. Applications include: Shopping Malls, Sidewalks & Walkways, Parking Lots, Athletic Complexes, Loading Docks, Kennels, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Sports Complexes, Fire Stations, and Wineries.

Transportation –


DeBaise Construction has produced reliable drain systems specifically designed for the transportation industry for over 20 years. Our drain systems are designed and tested to AASHTO, DIN/EN, and statewide industry regulations.  Applications include: Highways, Airports, Military Bases, Gas Stations, Loading Docks, Ports, and Truck Stops.