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Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring has sprung !!! Now is the time to do those home improvements you have been putting off. Here are some things you can do now that the weather is perfect!

1. Install Skylights~Skylights can dramatically increase the light in your home, creating an open, sunny feel in your favorite living space. Also helping to save on electricity. Installing skylights should be professionally done due to leaks if they are not installed properly.

2. Roof repair~ Connecticut had a brutal winter this year. This years record snowfall took it’s toll on roofs. Your home’s roof may have suffered damage such as moisture seeping through cracks and creases.

3. Update Your Rain Gutters ~ Very important, snow may have damaged your gutters this winter. Bad gutters can lead to rain water eroding the soil around the foundation of your home, which can cause a leaky basement.

4. Build a Deck ~ always a favorite project~ enjoying the full sun, and for entertaining purposes. Decks come in all sizes and can be built in no time !

5. Add a Hot tub ~ Hot tubs are extremely calming after a long work day. Hot Tubs also are a major health benefit for achy bones and muscles.

6. Update Your Siding ~ All winter long while you were inside keeping warm , your siding was getting battered by the elements. Vinyl siding looks great, and is energy efficient.

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